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Art Creation for Games: Week 3 (Unreal Engine and Substance Painter Showcase)

This week gets professional when we finally boot up Unreal Engine 4 and import maps from Substance Painter!

In Unreal Engine 4 (4.16.3 for me, due to prematurely updating to High Sierra, 4.14.3 doesn't work), we were to showcase 10 materials and learn to import from Maya and Substance Painter.

I prefer working with materials in UE4 more than in Maya and I love Substance Painter as it fuses the essentials of zBrush into a more photoshop-styled approach. Of course, zBrush is an entirely different monster to tackle altogether.

The hardest part of the week was learning the new programs. Once that is done, the experience is simple a joy to go through. I'm excited to say that from blocking out a model to preparing it for in-game, I am quite comfortable with the workflow than I have ever been.

Let's see how much I learned as our final week gathers all 3 weeks and puts it all into one week of competency...!

Sebastian reid lopezdiego7
Sebastian reid lopezdiego8