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Project Judicators - "Voltaic Striker" Main Character and UI Assets

A month-long collaboration project with a design team and an art team. I was assigned as Team Lead for the Art Division along with the artists I've linked below. Thank you for a great month, team! You all did wonderfully!

Voltaic Striker is a side-scroller action platformer based on the likes of Mega Man X. Players jump, dash and smash enemies while speeding through stages and gathering collectibles.

I was in charge of the main protagonist in his entirety: Modeling, Animation, Texturing. I had also been in charge of a majority of UI graphics from the Start Screen, Title Logo, Stage Select, Credits and Pause menus. I was also responsible for the in-game collectible's models, animations and textures (Orbs, Energy Pick ups and Aura/Costume Pick ups).

Everything was worked on from scratch and protagonist animations provided by Mixamo from my rigged mesh.

Art Team:

Diego sebastian reid lopez judicators voltaic strike logo
Diego sebastian reid lopez voltaic striker promo

"Voltaic Striker" by Tariq Adderley, Kevin Bailey with Art by Diego Lopez, Edmarye Flores, Krysteena Garling, Jonathan Ruff and Kendall Williams

Diego sebastian reid lopez lopezd 1812 judicators week1

Week 01: Preparation and Block Outs

Diego sebastian reid lopez lopezd 1812 judicators wk2

Week 02: Functionality, UV, Animation and UI in grayscale

Diego sebastian reid lopez lopezd 1812 judicators wk3

Week 03: Aesthetics, Colors and Textures (more UI!); caught up to my animations this week (got sick)

Diego sebastian reid lopez lopezd 1812 judicators wk4

Week 04: Polish and Launch; more UI and last minute requests for UI additions.

Voltaic Striker (WIP) - Week 4 Art Progress