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Nuka Cola Quantum

TPS week 4 - Advanced Realistic Material Pain

I was excited to work on this assignment, because I had a few ideas in mind. Sadly, I found out that UE4 worked with transparency and opacity in a whole different way and thus I had to rely on screenshooting my substance painter screen.

I ended up deciding to play with a Nuka-Cola bottle since it would rely on Emissive Maps, Opacity and Projection. Which is a good combination of features in a prop. As I worked with it, pleased with the outcome, my Ambient Occlusion gave me issues, followed by the opacity setting upon export. I did not have knowledge of how to mess around individual portion of the entire prop to keep some parts opaque and come transparent.

I'm hoping to learn further about these little perks, but this is a fun step forward. The prop was modeled in 4 parts: cap, bottle, label and liquid. All with lowres. I did not need a highres normal map for this specific purpose.

**citation for Jones Soda Nuka Cola Quantum label (2015)

Sebastian reid lopez diego week04final

Opacity was a whole new monster. Though, emissive and projection practice? Check!