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Environment Art (FSU Year 4)

This month we tackle Unreal Engine 4, Maya and Substance Designer to design a quick level based on reference. From modeling within UE4 with proxy meshes to replacing them with Maya-made static meshes, to authoring custom material, blending materials, importing them all into UE4 and setting up level lighting...We did it all!

Modeling in UE4 and Maya were a breeze. Learning Substance Designer was tough for me. I couldn't seem to grasp the technicality of it all within the two weeks we had. But I was beginning to get a hang of it (kinda) near the end of the month, so long as I don't create my own materials from scratch for now. Week 2 had us create basic materials and week 3 had us blend them into complex materials. (Hair pulled out).

UE4 level setup and lighting is straightforward. Much easier for me to comprehend than the authoring of materials in Designer.

All in all, I dedicate Environment Art as my secondary discipline in school. It's a great skill to have access to.

Diego lopez sebastian reid shot01 day

Lit (Daylight)

Diego lopez sebastian reid shot02 night

Lit (hall lights; night))

Diego lopez sebastian reid 1806 ear 01

Proxy Mesh (UE4)

Diego lopez sebastian reid 1806 ear 02

Static Mesh (import from Maya)

Diego lopez sebastian reid 1806 ear 03

Sample play (UE4)

Diego lopez sebastian reid 1806 ear 04

Materials Assigned (from Designer)

Diego lopez sebastian reid 1806 ear vertpaint

Vertex Paint (extremely subtle, sorry!)