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Art Creation for Games: Week 2 (UV Pipeline)

This week in ACG, we tackle one of the biggest fears of mine: UV mapping!

I'm glad this week exists purely for us to be comfortable in UV mapping. All the small exercises are amazing to build up from easy mapping to advanced mapping. Introducing the proper usages of the cut and sew tools, move and sew tools and settings, smoothen UV tool and unitize, I am finally a large step forward in conquering my fears for UV mapping.

To be honest, I enjoyed these exercises a LOT. It somewhat filled a void that a lot of modelers don't like to touch. YouTube videos make it all look so easy, and it really is--behind all the technical toolset available to us.

PS: We learned to use Transfer maps in Maya again to bake out a Normal Map and an Ambient Occlusion map for use in our next project in...Unreal Engine 4! XO

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