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"V" for Volnutt (MegaMan Legends)

In 2017, I began to wean back into art with the beginning of my art school life at Full Sail's online Game Art Program. Gearing into my artist life, I began to stock up with new technology to facilitate my future career. After researching, I committed my eyes on an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil with Procreate. I challenged myself 1 illustration a month decided by an alphabet die...At least until classes began to pick up!

The challenge was, roll the die, draw a character that starts with the letter rolled.

Finally got my wish to work on Rockman Volnutt himself. Although, I have to admit I'm disappointed with my rendition. I experimented with many illustration tricks here, so I'm happy for the experience, but I want to try my hand at this one more time in the future.

This was my last piece while I'm at school. The work after this are going to primarily be school related. I will be back with more of my personal work in 2019!

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