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3DF: Extruding Faces

3D Fundamentals Explores the basics of 3D modeling. Tony Bagsby walks us through an introductory class in learning the basic structure and processes of working in Maya.

This project compilation shows the work we did to learn how to extrude faces of an object. Extruding is a fundamental technique needed by most 3D model artist as it is the basis of making custom shapes. Extruding does not need to be on faces alone. Later we are taught to extrude edges, as well.

Sebastian reid 3df 03 extrude

Exercise for extrude

Sebastian reid 3df 04 forkextrude01

The beginning of a fork.

Sebastian reid 3df 04 forkextrude02

The handle of the fork.

Sebastian reid 3df 04 forkextrude03

The neck of the fork.

Sebastian reid 3df 04 forkextrude04

The actual fork!