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Art II: Character Creation

This week, we learned the basic steps for character creation. Following the steps in creature creation, the major difference here is the details with expressions and planning.

We started with a character sheet describing the personality, the basic equipment, and background of said character. Then we experimented on art style and expressions, then, drafted a couple full designs. We then finalized one and did a side, front and back view for reference and planning.

This was great fun since most of us game art students dream to one day create characters in our own worlds.

Sebastian reid lopez diego 4c art2 o 1702

Experimenting with different art styles!

Sebastian reid artii 01 charexpressions

Expressing with expressions!

Sebastian reid lopez diego 4b art2 o 1702

Character Drafts (came with a character sheet of info, file not supported here).

Sebastian reid lopez diego 4e art2 o 1702
Sebastian reid lopez diego 4g art2 o 1702

Proportion test!! I barely passed it...