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SAL Lighting and Shading Final Project

Lighting and Shading with Tony Sakson and Tony Bagsby was a harsh class that yielded a great amount of integral fundamentals to environmental rendering.

This class focused on observation and mastery of light, shadow, material and texture setups to allow a realistic rendition of a scene. We worked on interior and exterior lighting, as well as day and lighting.

I chose to share my render of the nighttime indoor setting. This one was essentially my favorite since I had issues with the lighting decay in week 2 and then again with the materials, but once everything came together by week 4, it turned out to be quite the scene to look at.

I've mentioned before on my discussion points that nighttime lighting is technically on the difficult side due to its sensitivity. If a small aspect of the scene's lighting is wrong, the whole scene can collapse and easily become less convincing to the audience. This is true as well due, in fact, to the amount of lighting needed.

Sebastian reid sal o final

Final Scene (AFTER maya crashed and corrupted my files)