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Anatomy Sculpt to Game Res

First attempt at a full character from sculpting to skinning.

Initial sculpt; abused Dynamesh, initially, but later used subdivisions for detail. Hardware could not keep up with detail requirement at the 4m level. Optimized decimate needed?

Final Sculpt; pre-wrinkle detail due to hardware limitations. Crashes upon reaching 4m verts needed for fine detail...

Maya QuadDraw; new process, but fun. Was able to keep under 8k tris for final low res model. Done in Maya 2018 with UVs, Substance Painter for baking Norm and AO.

Maya Rigged and (slightly) Skinned; Maya 2018 all the way. Fatal errors no matter how I troubleshoot painting influence weight in for skinning... Will keep looking for a solution.

Final submission for class, but will figure out a way to fix fatal errors in skinning process. To be continued.

Diego sebastian reid lopez lopez diego 1809 finalmat

Final: front and back

Diego sebastian reid lopez lopez diego 1809 finalwire

Final: wireframe, normals and AO

Diego lopez sebastian reid lopezdiego 1809 week01

Turn in for first pass: final sculpt.

Update #2: Final Sculpt (high-res)