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Project and Portfolio I: Modeling an Entire Scene

Project and Portfolio classes are the checkpoint classes at Full Sail University. These classes test your knowledge from the previous classes we've taken and are guided only by criteria and written instructions. These classes are very challenging coming from basic classes prior.

This time I am creating a full scene in maya made of objects that were made fully on my own.

The most challenging part here were the flowers... Enough said. Carnations are on my black list now.

Sebastian reid lopez diego 1701 ms1 compilation

Blocking out and basic topology and detail (weeks 1-2)

Sebastian reid lopez diego 1701 conceptmap

Concept map drafting for reflection paper. Relationship between fine art and 3D modeling.

Sebastian reid lopez diego 1701 completedconceptmap

Final concept map. Cleaned up and organized thoughts for clearer points for the reference paper about the relationship of fine arts and 3D modeling and what I thought about my final week of working on my scene.

Sebastian reid final persp

Final scene in perspective view.

Sebastian reid final top

Final scene in top view.

Sebastian reid final side

Final scene in side view.

Sebastian reid final front

Final scene in front view.

Sebastian reid lopez diego 1701 finalcomposition

Compilation of final scene.